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Our Lady Queen of Kashubia

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Our Lady Queen of Kashubia Our Lady Queen of Kashubia

Dear Friends!

We have a complete list. Its 18 persons: Elżbieta Pryczkowska, Eugeniusz Pryczkowski, Wanda Lew-Kiedrowska, Maciej Czapiewski, Julia Czapiewska, Zbigniew Rychert, Andrzej Regliński, Danuta Tocke, Agnieszka Kąkol, Emilia Ptach, Patrycja Kwidzińska, Grażyna Roszkowska, Eugeniusz Roszkowski, Maria Jarzębińska, Zdzisław Jarzębiński, Zbigniew Byczkowski, ks. Zbigniew Kulwikowski and Marian Gorlikowski.

In our group are three 15-years-old girls. They are the best pupils who are learning Kashubian language. It's award for them. We are very glad of it because we very much want to begin our exchange of youth. The wise youth is our future, is future for our Kashubian culture and language. We are happy that also father Zbigniew Kulwikowski, very good Kashubian priest, will go with us. He already has been two times in Canada.

Me and my wife and also girls will solemnly  go with Our Lady into church and before altar we will give a statue on the hands of Kanadian Kashubs. They will put it on altar. In this time it would be wonderful if "Lëdowô nóta" from Hamilton would sing "Kaszëbskô Królewô". We appreciate that Slavek Dudalski with ensemble agreed to present their songs. The choir have at least 5 kashubian songs which tell about a Kashubian Queen from Sianowo and which they have sung in Sianowo during a big parish indulgence in 2014. That time bishop of Pelplin Ryszard Kasyna blessed their pennant on which is embroidered a beautiful face of Our Kashub Queen.

One year later His excellency bishop Ryszard Kasyna blessed a new replica of miraculous statue of Kashubian Queen. With it just we are coming to Kanada on 30 April this year. And on sunday May 9 we will bring it to church in Wilno.

I had an appointment with Bishop Kasyna on Wednesday, March 9. The bishop is very glad that we have started this initiative. He is preparing a special letter to Kanadian Kashubs which I am to read at the end of ceremony, after my short lecture  about story of Queen of Kashubs. All is enclosed in big 50th anniversary of coronation of miraculous statue of The Kashub Queen. A parish priest of Sianowo sanctuary father Eugeniusz Grzędzicki also transfers his blessing.

We started with 50th anniversary on March 11. It was solemn Way of the Cross in Sianowo in Kashubian language. After the Way we had a meeting with a lot of Kashubian activists and dance group "Tëchlińsczé Skrzatë". All people very willingly were taking the photos with replica of Mary. It became a small tradition to take photos with the statue which goes to Kanada. All the Kashubian people, especially Families, so to say are symbolic sending this statue to Kashubian brothers behind big water. Everyone is glad that in Kanada live Kashubs who still speak Kashubian language and keep our beautiful tradition. For Kashubs who live at Pomeranian area it's a big thing. We are very proud of this fact.

Our meeting in Kanada with a new statue which will be on May 8 in Wilno's church is a second very important event enclosed in 50th years anniversary of the coronation. Next will be a special scientific conference, a edition of an extensive book about Queen of Kashubia, different artistic or knowledge competitions. The most important ceremony will be on July 17 & 18 with cardinal Celestino Migliore.

Our preparations to the journey are on the last stage. We are enjoying that we will be in Kanada in those very important days, especially in Kashub Day on Saturday May 7 and on solemn Mass with kashubian liturgy Sunday May 8. Our people are open for example to read at the Mass. Everybody also is happy to go with solemn procession from church with the old statue of Mary to heritage park.If there issuch opportunity father Kulwikowski can tell a few words in Kashubian language there.  

Thanks of help of Friends behind a great water we will be to visit Hamilton, Niagara Falls and Toronto (especially thanks to our Friends with "Lëdowô Nóta"!) and - what is absolutely awesome for Kashubs from Pomerania - we will visit a part of our Kashubian Land in Kanada with our relatives. We are already sending a big thanks for Wilno Heritage Society with a president Peter Glofcheski and Shirley Mask Connolly, we are grateful to father Jan Wadołowski and parish office, and we are sending a big thanks for David Shulist with his companions, who are working a lot to strengthen our bridge of friendship

Using the opportunity we are sending to all of You wishes of marvelous Easter, let God bless You at all times and we also wish you rich hare and dëgusa!

On behalf of organizers,

Eugeniusz Prëczkòwsczi

Planned itinerary:

April 30 (Saturday) - departure, arrival in evening), a meet with friends from "Lëdowô Nóta"

May 1 (Sunday) - Hamilton, Niagara

May 2 (Monday) - departure on Canadian Kashubs, arrival in the evening

Maj 3 (Tuesday) - holiday, Mass and visiting

May 4 (Wednesday) - Kashubs in Ontario

May 5 (Thursday) - maybe Ottawa

May 6 (Friday) - Kashubs in Ontario, the evening with a choir "Lëdowȏ nóta"

May 7 (Saturday) Kashub Day, the procession with old statue to heritage park

May 8 (Sunday) Solemn Mass with a new statue

After lunch leaving from Wilno

May 9 (Monday) - visiting Toronto, departure in the evening

May 10 - arrival in Gdańsk

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