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Kashubia Wyróżniony

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A perfect place to spend your leisure time in!


Wieżyca is a famous viewpoint in Kashubia – it is 30 meters high. It is not only the highest place in Kashubia but also in Pomerania. It is surrounded by 150-year-old beech forests. Standing at the top of it you can see large areas of forests and many clear lakes and tourist tracks.  Wieżyca is one of the most remarkable places in Kashubia.



For swimming lover a perfect place to visit is Raduńskie Lake. It is placed in Kashubian Scenic Park. You can go canoeing of fishing there. A good idea to spend a little bit more time there is to pitch a tent next to its shore.


Another worth visiting place is Szymbark where you can go into an upside down house. What is more, there are many objects and buildings connected with Polish and Kashubian history. For instance, you can go underground to a bunker which is similar to those from the World War II.


During summer in Złota Góra there is a strawberry festival called ‘Truskawkobranie’. There are concerts of both Polish well known and local bands. You can also try there delicious and mouth-watering Kashubian strawberries. For those who are passionate about history a place to see is a monument honouring freedom fighters from Pomerania.


For those who are interested in Kashubian traditions and culture an obligatory place to visit is Muzeum Kaszubskie Neclów. That is the place to see traditional Kashubian patterns and vases – some of them are about 300 years old. You can also try to make your own Kashubian vase there.

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